Riding with mask!!

After closed to 9 months cycling experience around Bandar Utama area. I can confirm that if I can’t start at early morning around 7am. There will be a lot of cars on the street after 9am. The pollution is pretty serious. While climbing and my body need more O2. I will smell diesel, petrol, rubbish or garden open burning always all weekend i cycled.

I decided to get a air mask filter from Lazada. It was shipped from China. Everything looks good and washable. Initially I am worried about the air flow. But after tried today it is not as bad. Only imperfection is the filter coverage may have leakage after I looked into the detail of the filter.

Chiang Mai Weizen

Wheat beer that introduced by the bar. Very close to Hoegaarden. More crispy and less fruity then it. Less sweet and also with slight cask taste. Personally i again prefer this Chiang Mai wheat beer more than Hoegaarden. Bar told me that the Red Truck beer I tried yesterday actually won award. http://www.worldbeerawards.com/winner/country-winner-113-world-beer-awards-2017

Chiang Mai Red Truck Ale

Kind of surprised that the hotel I staying is promoting local crafted beer. Out of a series of choices. I pick the most basic Chiang Mai Red Truck Ale. The first explanation from the bar is “You should already have this experience!” Ok that’s true as in the past few days red truck is ours major mover as it is cheap and easy to fit in 5 adults and 2 kids and strollers!!

The taste — crispy, slightly happy with citrus taste. After taste is feel matured taste that store in a cask for very long. One of the top beer I ever tried in my life. With the price selling in the hotel for Bath 220 is a “What!?” Price. This means I may can get it at Bath 100 our side the hotel. I think I need to plan my frequent visit to Chiang Mai.

I am giving a same level of Roger beer from W.A. These two beers are by far the best beer I ever had in my life.

GSV magnetic windshield helmet

A key problem when riding road bike down hill at the speed of over 40KM per hour. Even i am wearing a powered lens sport eye wear. But i have insects, sands or dirt gone into my eye.

Suggested by a friend and tried on this GSV helmet with fast switching via magnetic strip to flip down and up. Today tried a faster speed and it works well for the workout.

Denon AVR 1400H

After mine previous AMP retired last week. I managed to find a replacement Denon. Only then i am aware that today AV receiver is far more powerful compare to those years ago.

Supporting Wifi for streaming of radio and other media. It can also allow Apple Airplay with just a few steps. With Bluetooth enable that will allow any players with the same connection.

A whooping of 6 HDMI to 1 output. Digital input and also Digital Dolby with neutral X up to 7 channels. I just have to say technology is running wild these days.

Footie at The Bund and Albert Park

For a very long time have not been updating footie movement. A month ago footie reached shanghai and running across The Bund.

A month later, footie reached Albert Park Melbourne.

Both with strong differentiation where The Bund is historical with a lot of people. On the other hand, Albert Park is less people and quiet. A strong contrast between the two.

MSI – new experience about true performance machines

After using laptop or notebook whatever you like to call it for the last 20 years. From business to personal use or sometimes casual gaming. It is a real stunner for me when i first experience MSI Gaming machine.

As a goal for my son for years for him to workout in term of reward and saving money for his own very first MSI. An Apache Pro which is the mid lower range of MSI range. As an IT professional, i can just comment that it has beautifully designed and built.

I have never encountered such a performance machine with boot speed in seconds even with ton of services to be loaded. High performance graphic. Very detailed designed until with utility software that allow you to tune the performance as to your need. Even the fan speed!

I particular like the keyboard wave led coloured design. Especially when during a tune down lightning atmosphere. 17″ but built with aluminum and able to be in 2 kg plus is just amazing.

I so like it until i get myself another machine but can only justify for my kind in term of ROI for lower end leopard. It has almost everything from Apache but without Dyno Audio and one step lowered graphic card. But it is already a high performance series and i believe the same specification cannot be obtained from a business machine with the same price.

I have gone through all ranges of MSI and i am convinced that if you need a performance machine no matter for gaming, design or business. MSI machines did offer value and performance concurrently.

At once i have lost my confidence on microsoft based powered machines. I am in position that Apple is the answer for the future. However, when windows 10 running on MSI. I have to reconsider my perspective again.

Aftershokz headphone and Garmin Vivoactive HR

Upgrading tempo on cycling and swimming.  Vivoactive HR extend its capability to record cycling event to Garmin connect. There after synchronize to Strava.  It has a Cadense sensor connection capability.  Most important allow stroke count in a lap pool.  Not as stylish as S3 but have a different added functionalities as a multisport watch.  

On the other hand, music is especially important for me to increase my tempo while during endurance events.  Previous headset all drain off batteries in an hour.  New after shokz headset is well positioned to extend to endurance play to 3 hours.  But the most outstanding function is the music quality with your open ear to sensitively beware of other vehicles around while you are cycling or running.

A beautiful companion and I consider valued excellent investment for health.

1st Road Bike experience – Giant TCR Advance 2

After years of riding foldies. A great chance that my new colleage is encouraging me to go for road bikes. Well 1st thing in my mind is after years of inflation. The bike should be around RM 500 to 1000. But then I only can confirm CPI forever won’t work. An entrance road bike that with Carbon frame starts 5 to 6K.  I guess I should invest in more bikes company’s shares back then. I should be shaking my legs to life in Hawaii! 

1st time riding Giant TCR Advance 2.  Full Carbon frame but I believe not the best grade with Shimano 105 chipset. Did I said it wrongly “Chipset” what’s up. I am a IT PRO anywhere so I use our own jargon.  Blue coloured and around 8.3kg after added in pedals and etc.

The speed is faster where I can ride 20KM in an hour compare to folding bike for just 10KM around an hour. (Please don’t complaint my speed!! As I am just intend to be fit!)  It is harder to ride I guess the wheel much bigger than folding bike.  

The riding position also not as easy as it is not upright but I believe a few more rounds may be helpful for me to adapt to the riding behaviour.  Learning lots from YouTube and kind of understand there are a lot of theories within. Ok….  no I can ride, swim and run.  That’s I suppose side style that I like most as I am a pretty outdoor person.

In summary, riding a road bike isn’t like last time when I rode to Uni campus during my studies in UK. Though weather is different as winter there can really frozen you. But the bike that I have during 1992. Also a road bike that only costed me 20 pounds. But I got no regret to invest into any machine for outdoor exercise as I believe it is always the best that bring me closer back to nature. Most important, keeping fit to walk more miles in my life!!