Vespa Sprint 150 S – Malaysia 350

The new Vespa Sprint 150 S added to our portfolio. Indeed my first experience and I found that it is easy to ride. Not as a super bike but the power is just nice for a ride in the city.

I wouldn’t believe it feels like sporty bike if not seen from myself.

It has compartment big enough to carry a lot of stuff in just a 130kg body weight design.

Front center of the seat come with a hook and I do think this design is practical in small town when you pack a coffee or buying fruits that need a handy hanger.

This full automatic bike is just like a iron horse where you can go around and enjoy a scenic ride. Overall a total different experience.

Tokyo Summer 2019

It has been sometimes since we last update. A truly busy months and finally I have decided to go for a short break to my favorite destination – Tokyo.

Some new places and new things to do really made this trip unforgettable. Firstly, Viewing Shibuya crossing from the top of Magnet rooftop deck. Yes indeed the view is different and make more sense to feel the crossing in a bird eye view.

We have also visited a local favorite of grill lamp store in Shinjuku. It is true that I have not eaten any lamp that is so juicy before. You need to reserve the table or else you got to wait easily more than an hour. It is at basement level 3 entrance at Uniqlo ground floor.

I did not go to Kyoto this time but understand there is something similar in Tokyo. It is at the temple of Nezu Shrine. Great walking from Nippori station with lots of great food and coffee along.

I also visited showroom of casio opposite Tokyo station. But I think those models are too new for me to experience. I found that G factory in Malaysia and Singapore has more models than them.

I have also visited a store that have fun to bid you A5 Wagyu. The great things in Japan is always great food, great beers and many fun stuff.

Someone pointed me to this customize shoes offered by White Ashley of Converse. My last Converse was probably 20 years ago. This is something unique that you can customize your shoes with reasonable price.

I am delighted that I can tried Okinawa Ice Cream as it is just located near my hotel at Ebisu.

Perhaps the biggest surprise it the Disney land. I have been through HK and Paris Disneyland. But Tokyo Disney is much fun and unforgettable. The passionate staff in Disney is also a unique point.

Visited Tokyo metropolitan government tower for the scenery of whole Tokyo. It is free and you can get great crafted beer at the viewing floor and enjoy.

Footie went to Asakusa again a d this time with a twins! They are magnet and easily got lots of people like to take photo with them.

Lots of small shop for fashion a d foods. We found our favourite shop Paris Miki in Tokyo and tried Lobster roll by the street.

Tokyo is always a city that you can’t fully explore even with a few trips. Tokyo remained rank no 1 in my heart.

Casio Rangeman standard – Joe Poh

Been having a few Casio watches and lately added Rangeman basic standard version. A very clean dial and I think is a good unit that can use for many outdoor activities. Particular trekking and camping.

Triple sensors with easy to operate functions. World clock with multi band 6 self adjust clock for accuracy. Though it is not available in Malaysia. But I did read some forums sometimes you may get a sync from atomic clock of Japan.

I like the colour matching for the design and it is really feel like a masculine device with you for outdoor. Overall a great standard version.

1st G-Shock reproduced – Project Team

I thought initially is a little out of fashion. However, this 35 anniversary reproduced the 1st G-Shock model by Project Team really fast becoming my favourite.

It is like a minimalistic design. In fact not much function beside of normal stop watch. But the dial is so easy to read. With silver reflective surface further outstand this vintage design.

Plated with Gold with a huge 35 given a statement that I love it so much. With the weight is just right on my wrist. It is one of my favourite practical watch of all time.

A taste of the wild – Ford Ranger

From complaints of unnecessary to love it. That also after a series of test drive on Hilux, Navara and Triton. I decided on Ford Ranger with a plan number plate, modification and mild engine tuning. The main purpose of the decision? I just want to explore more places of Malaysia!! Sounds crazy and emotional right?

Its look like the soon launching Raptor!! Perhaps I am just soft trail. From bike to 4×4 and i think i like certain degree of technical but bias to soft trail.

I put in the LED day time running and it looks like Raptor! Suppose to have the fender in place but coating free service but Ford prevented anything to stick on it.

Take a look at the back lamp cover. It looks more bold and a black roller cover made the Ranger even more practical.

The only problem of Wildtrack 2.2 is because of its Turbo lag at 1 to 2K RPM. I have installed a racechip that made the car significantly improved the performance. I just need to select 1 level up of Sport mode. The whole drive feel different.

The kids just love to jump on it. Come on… this monster can take 1 tonne man!

Casio 35th Anniversary Big Bang Edition

Well, no doubt love in the first sight purely the number 35. It has been months and finally understand this batch of limited edition sales Big Bang.

As I always like to know more about Big Bang theory. I am amazed this coincident that this edition designed using Big Bang theory. First, the all black design absorb all lights.

At the back is gold color plated with “35”. Projecting big bang explosion from all dark.

This is a rare design and yet so closely linked with my research in the coming years.

Rudy Project Impact X2 – Cycling, Biking, Golfing

After 2 years of searching and made several mistakes which will be my best prescription sports sunglass. It should also acts as my windshield for eye.

Rudy Impact X2 black with a very comfort fit. A prescription lens will be clipped on. Fast changing color according to weather. Bullet proof glass and anti fogging. The beauty is it can be customizable of any parts of the frame.

It is such a great moment finally I decided to use Rudy Project. I think the key is prescription when I can now use multi focus lens with a sports frame with both sunglass and windshield functions.