Furphy beer from Geelong

As it is mentioned crisp. Indeed. Gold coloured, very crispy and lightly hopped. When passing by the bottle shop on this super hot day. I can’t stop myself going to take a bottle. Never let me down. Many of these beers in Australia did much better than the commercial brewery. It definitely earned my attention from now.


Tokyo Post Pandemic Visit – Sumo Match

My last visit to Tokyo were in 2019. This is probably a special visit with my son. Free and easy.

Today, we have planned for a sumo show. The ticket you bought online must be collected from a 7 Eleven store. Initially, we wanted to go to a wholesale shashimi store. But we have no luck as it was closed and only open next day.

We then walking towards the stadium for the Tokyo show. On our way, there were limited restaurant but we found Kappou Yoshimba. Serving same fresh shashimi. Overall, price is right the and shashimi was fresh.

We then walk further toward the stadium of the Sumo fight. They have some nice figures outside for photo shooting.

The stadium entrance is ok but with long queue.

Facing the entrance was a massive trophy show case.
It was amazing to see them so flexible. That’s inspired me to put more effort to train myself after the trip.
Looking at their body and their flexibility is unbelievable.

Overall, the show given me experience of Sumo fighting match. It was fun.

Audio-Technica ATH 202USB Type C WFH wired headset

COVID 19 Pandemic has definitely changed the way of working. Although there is a sign of moving certain working from home back to normal. But, at least my work can be 50% WFH by 2023.

I have a Bluetooth headset and an over the ear headset. Both with back ground noise cancellation. But they are not perfect. Bluetooth headset tends to be less quality in term of back ground noise control.

As to over the ear headset. It works perfectly fine. Except the head for over an hour. The ear is very discomfort. The leather cover of the headset also tend to be worn and need to change it for a year.

While I was in Tokyo. I found this Audio-Technica headset. It is specifically build for WFH professional. Anti bacteria, type c which work fine for all my mobile phone, ipad pro and computer. Best, it is in ear that is light and easy.

With the price of USD 30 approximately. It is a good set of headset that can be included in your portfolio for WFH.

Phuket – The reopening first choice

It has been almost three years. I believe it was the same for everyone. The first real vocation recently was Phuket. Footies reached the island and a great break away.

When ever you are in ASEAN. It will be no way you do not try the famour tropica fruit drinks.

Tom Yam Kong – need to explain more?
Foot massage is one of the best icon of Thailand. Not sure if this is the reason why Bangkok is the most visited city in the world.
You can really try out a session. Possibly less than USD 30 for an hour with a professional coach.
Loving the night market where you can eat till you drop.
In Central, simulating the wet market in Bangkok

Captured a lot of attention at Phuket Old Town
Is legal.. but I do not suggest you smoke. Perhaps try their drinks.
A sure Dophines show that cannot be missed. Better than in many like Disneyland and Water parks
I will definitely come again. Probably the best value and great taste seafood market in my list.
The hotel is cheap.

The night market. Ok only good for adult.

Hypergear V2 waist Pouch

The design from conventional back pack to now versatile motorsport pouch. This new design is exceptionally rugged and practical.

I like the compartment size. The front full waterproof design is nice for 6 to 7 inches smart phones. Two additional compartments one internal and one just at the back of the bag.

It can float if dropped into water. I really love this pouch with a 30% discount from the store.

Chun Kei Hakka Noodles and Soon Fatt Duck review

Famous Hakka Noodles recommended by a lot of influencers. The overall taste is ok but not significant. Overall rated 2.5 stars. Don’t order a big size as it will not be able to mix balanced enough with it’s source. Dumplings are ok with thin skin. But personally I feel overated. Perhaps the Hakka restaurant opposite Pavilion KL has a better Hakka Noodles.

400M away there is a Roast Duck Shop. Soon Fatt where the duck is juicy, tender but pricey. The roast pork is good but not as fresh. Don’t take home and eat. The skin will not be crispy anymore unless you put into the owen but will be over cooked.

Both places are worth to go at least once to get the experience.