Tokyo Post Pandemic Visit – Sumo Match

My last visit to Tokyo were in 2019. This is probably a special visit with my son. Free and easy.

Today, we have planned for a sumo show. The ticket you bought online must be collected from a 7 Eleven store. Initially, we wanted to go to a wholesale shashimi store. But we have no luck as it was closed and only open next day.

We then walking towards the stadium for the Tokyo show. On our way, there were limited restaurant but we found Kappou Yoshimba. Serving same fresh shashimi. Overall, price is right the and shashimi was fresh.

We then walk further toward the stadium of the Sumo fight. They have some nice figures outside for photo shooting.

The stadium entrance is ok but with long queue.

Facing the entrance was a massive trophy show case.
It was amazing to see them so flexible. That’s inspired me to put more effort to train myself after the trip.
Looking at their body and their flexibility is unbelievable.

Overall, the show given me experience of Sumo fighting match. It was fun.


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