Chun Kei Hakka Noodles and Soon Fatt Duck review

Famous Hakka Noodles recommended by a lot of influencers. The overall taste is ok but not significant. Overall rated 2.5 stars. Don’t order a big size as it will not be able to mix balanced enough with it’s source. Dumplings are ok with thin skin. But personally I feel overated. Perhaps the Hakka restaurant opposite Pavilion KL has a better Hakka Noodles.

400M away there is a Roast Duck Shop. Soon Fatt where the duck is juicy, tender but pricey. The roast pork is good but not as fresh. Don’t take home and eat. The skin will not be crispy anymore unless you put into the owen but will be over cooked.

Both places are worth to go at least once to get the experience.


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