Phuket – The reopening first choice

It has been almost three years. I believe it was the same for everyone. The first real vocation recently was Phuket. Footies reached the island and a great break away.

When ever you are in ASEAN. It will be no way you do not try the famour tropica fruit drinks.

Tom Yam Kong – need to explain more?
Foot massage is one of the best icon of Thailand. Not sure if this is the reason why Bangkok is the most visited city in the world.
You can really try out a session. Possibly less than USD 30 for an hour with a professional coach.
Loving the night market where you can eat till you drop.
In Central, simulating the wet market in Bangkok

Captured a lot of attention at Phuket Old Town
Is legal.. but I do not suggest you smoke. Perhaps try their drinks.
A sure Dophines show that cannot be missed. Better than in many like Disneyland and Water parks
I will definitely come again. Probably the best value and great taste seafood market in my list.
The hotel is cheap.

The night market. Ok only good for adult.


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