Audio-Technica ATH 202USB Type C WFH wired headset

COVID 19 Pandemic has definitely changed the way of working. Although there is a sign of moving certain working from home back to normal. But, at least my work can be 50% WFH by 2023.

I have a Bluetooth headset and an over the ear headset. Both with back ground noise cancellation. But they are not perfect. Bluetooth headset tends to be less quality in term of back ground noise control.

As to over the ear headset. It works perfectly fine. Except the head for over an hour. The ear is very discomfort. The leather cover of the headset also tend to be worn and need to change it for a year.

While I was in Tokyo. I found this Audio-Technica headset. It is specifically build for WFH professional. Anti bacteria, type c which work fine for all my mobile phone, ipad pro and computer. Best, it is in ear that is light and easy.

With the price of USD 30 approximately. It is a good set of headset that can be included in your portfolio for WFH.


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