Christmas lunch with Wong Mei Kee Roast Pork KL

A Christmas lunch with a suggestion by friends. The best roast pork in KL as some suggested. It also serves Hainanese chicken rice. I reached early and they are so popular that will run out of portion just after 2 hours.

Overall is original plain style roast pork. Skin is crispy, saltiness is well balance and the meat and fat are well balanced. However, dipping into the chili source with lemon will bring out the taste further. Dont over dose the chili source as quite spicy.

The chicken rice there i would rate ok or above average. But I would focus into their specialty more.

After taste, just my personal suggestion. Adding a Cha Wong which is a type of Oolong with crystal yellow and bitter taste added with crispy feel. Almost same as a wine after a dining. Adding a Japanese pear but must be crystal cold. Immediately you will feel even refreshing.

That’s a full balance of a vintage lunch of Malaysia.


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