Edifier TWS NB2 vs. Galaxy Buds Live compared

Purely from my personal experience to share view on these two headsets. As to price wise, Galaxy Buds Live is one fold on top of Edifier TWS NB2. In term of wearing comfort, Edifier is very easy to plug into my ear. However, Galaxy Buds Live has a unique design to hold on to my ear.

As to sound quality, I found Edifier has more bass but Galaxy Buds is much detailed. Galaxy has much options to tune the headset for different type of music or sounds.

My personal plus point is Edifier’s application feature on time to shut down. Particular useful while on bed about to sleep. You can turn on noise cancellation feature but cut off all by a preset time. It save at of battery power if this is your main purpose of hearing with the headset. Galaxy wear application may be also features rich but not too much relevant to me.

Overall, I like Edifier with the price advantage and the timer to shutdown the headset is a huge plus point for me.


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