My experience in Astrazeneca Covid 19 vaccine in Malaysia

My Astrazeneca experience

Due to blood clot incidents, Astrazeneca was first unpopular when arrived in Malaysia. I taken the opportunity and able to book a place for the first day. Would like to share my experience in the case you would like to be vaccinated with Astrazeneca covid 19 vaccines instead of waiting for phase 3 that may only happen after June 21.  May even take long until end of the year.

The experience was great.  Don’t reach too only as there is a parking guide for you to reach only 15 mins before the appointment. A good one as it will help to ensure enough parking for you. 

Scan yourself when you reach the center. Then  get a number and wait for your turn to verify your IC.  Follow up with someone to verify your health conditions and also possible side effects with what tobdo next in 15 mins or 30 mins after the jab. If you are with health complication, you just need to wait for 15 mins if there is any allergy may occur right after the jab. Or you will need to wait for 30 mins for those who have certain health complications.  Following with a self monitoring of symptoms if serious side effects occur typically between 4th to 30 days. If you have symptoms like headache that can’t go away or like to vomit. Quickly go to any emergency of general hospital. If nothing happens, you are good to go for 2nd dose after 12 weeks.

The arrangement is systematic.  All officers and nurses are well trained and nice. Typically mine is one of the best nurse I ever seen. For some seniors which can walk well, it was given prioritised service. All people are well disciplined without cutting queue and so on. Overall, a thumbs up for the service.

Get yourself vaccinated, to protect yourself, your love one and also stop the virus mutation chances. You can do it!


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