1st G-Shock reproduced – Project Team

I thought initially is a little out of fashion. However, this 35 anniversary reproduced the 1st G-Shock model by Project Team really fast becoming my favourite.

It is like a minimalistic design. In fact not much function beside of normal stop watch. But the dial is so easy to read. With silver reflective surface further outstand this vintage design.

Plated with Gold with a huge 35 given a statement that I love it so much. With the weight is just right on my wrist. It is one of my favourite practical watch of all time.


A taste of the wild – Ford Ranger

From complaints of unnecessary to love it. That also after a series of test drive on Hilux, Navara and Triton. I decided on Ford Ranger with a plan number plate, modification and mild engine tuning. The main purpose of the decision? I just want to explore more places of Malaysia!! Sounds crazy and emotional right?

Its look like the soon launching Raptor!! Perhaps I am just soft trail. From bike to 4×4 and i think i like certain degree of technical but bias to soft trail.

I put in the LED day time running and it looks like Raptor! Suppose to have the fender in place but coating free service but Ford prevented anything to stick on it.

Take a look at the back lamp cover. It looks more bold and a black roller cover made the Ranger even more practical.

The only problem of Wildtrack 2.2 is because of its Turbo lag at 1 to 2K RPM. I have installed a racechip that made the car significantly improved the performance. I just need to select 1 level up of Sport mode. The whole drive feel different.

The kids just love to jump on it. Come on… this monster can take 1 tonne man!

Casio 35th Anniversary Big Bang Edition

Well, no doubt love in the first sight purely the number 35. It has been months and finally understand this batch of limited edition sales Big Bang.

As I always like to know more about Big Bang theory. I am amazed this coincident that this edition designed using Big Bang theory. First, the all black design absorb all lights.

At the back is gold color plated with “35”. Projecting big bang explosion from all dark.

This is a rare design and yet so closely linked with my research in the coming years.

Rudy Project Impact X2 – Cycling, Biking, Golfing

After 2 years of searching and made several mistakes which will be my best prescription sports sunglass. It should also acts as my windshield for eye.

Rudy Impact X2 black with a very comfort fit. A prescription lens will be clipped on. Fast changing color according to weather. Bullet proof glass and anti fogging. The beauty is it can be customizable of any parts of the frame.

It is such a great moment finally I decided to use Rudy Project. I think the key is prescription when I can now use multi focus lens with a sports frame with both sunglass and windshield functions.

Forest City Golf Resort to have Jack Nicklaus name on it

My very first set of golf clubs were by Macgregor. The ambassador of the time was Jack Nicklaus. A legendary golf Pro that until today still have great influences.

Lately, the news of Jack Niklaus is going to be the designer of Forest City Golf Resort golf course. Together with his son Jack Nicklaus II will make lot of excitements for Malaysian golfers.

I learn from this article that the development of the resort is indeed an eye opener for myself. Perhaps a must visit place when completed.


TaylorMade off season M2 added into my portfolio

From 15 years ago of Maruman 300 cc driver and Adam fairway wood. I decided to make some changes for a comeback. Invested into M2 10.5 Driver and 22 4 Hybris. Surprised it is as flexible as Jap models. Highly forgiving and Hybris with easy launch capability. Tried with approximately 160 to 180 Meters.

As for M2 driver, managed to reduced my slice problem but still can’t charge with a full swing. Yet managed to have quite consistent above 200 Meters.

Love these out of season drivers with great discount too!

Riding with mask!!

After closed to 9 months cycling experience around Bandar Utama area. I can confirm that if I can’t start at early morning around 7am. There will be a lot of cars on the street after 9am. The pollution is pretty serious. While climbing and my body need more O2. I will smell diesel, petrol, rubbish or garden open burning always all weekend i cycled.

I decided to get a air mask filter from Lazada. It was shipped from China. Everything looks good and washable. Initially I am worried about the air flow. But after tried today it is not as bad. Only imperfection is the filter coverage may have leakage after I looked into the detail of the filter.

Chiang Mai Red Truck Ale

Kind of surprised that the hotel I staying is promoting local crafted beer. Out of a series of choices. I pick the most basic Chiang Mai Red Truck Ale. The first explanation from the bar is “You should already have this experience!” Ok that’s true as in the past few days red truck is ours major mover as it is cheap and easy to fit in 5 adults and 2 kids and strollers!!

The taste — crispy, slightly happy with citrus taste. After taste is feel matured taste that store in a cask for very long. One of the top beer I ever tried in my life. With the price selling in the hotel for Bath 220 is a “What!?” Price. This means I may can get it at Bath 100 our side the hotel. I think I need to plan my frequent visit to Chiang Mai.

I am giving a same level of Roger beer from W.A. These two beers are by far the best beer I ever had in my life.

GSV magnetic windshield helmet

A key problem when riding road bike down hill at the speed of over 40KM per hour. Even i am wearing a powered lens sport eye wear. But i have insects, sands or dirt gone into my eye.

Suggested by a friend and tried on this GSV helmet with fast switching via magnetic strip to flip down and up. Today tried a faster speed and it works well for the workout.