A taste of the wild – Ford Ranger

From complaints of unnecessary to love it. That also after a series of test drive on Hilux, Navara and Triton. I decided on Ford Ranger with a plan number plate, modification and mild engine tuning. The main purpose of the decision? I just want to explore more places of Malaysia!! Sounds crazy and emotional right?

Its look like the soon launching Raptor!! Perhaps I am just soft trail. From bike to 4×4 and i think i like certain degree of technical but bias to soft trail.

I put in the LED day time running and it looks like Raptor! Suppose to have the fender in place but coating free service but Ford prevented anything to stick on it.

Take a look at the back lamp cover. It looks more bold and a black roller cover made the Ranger even more practical.

The only problem of Wildtrack 2.2 is because of its Turbo lag at 1 to 2K RPM. I have installed a racechip that made the car significantly improved the performance. I just need to select 1 level up of Sport mode. The whole drive feel different.

The kids just love to jump on it. Come on… this monster can take 1 tonne man!


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