Sek Yuen – Jalan Pudu vintage restaurant

Introduced by a friend and decided to pay them a visit. It can be easily found in Google map but the parking is a little challenging. Try to park behind. Both conventional and air conditioned. People serving including i believed is the owner very friendly. Good SOP in the restaurant during Covid 19 moment.

The best is their crispy roast duck called Pei Pa Duck. Some may find it salty but I like it pretty much. Another will be their pumpkin source home made tofu and it is smooth and aromatic with pumpkin taste.

The bitter guord fried beef with the exceptional balance to make the beef cook but easy and juicy in your mouth. Yam cake with mix vegetables is also home made. Overall is a good place with lots of variety and the price is reasonable too.

Lastly, their Chinese tea we ordered Iron lady a kind of oolong. Bitter but aroma with the colour of golden yellow. They even supply good tea as well. Though not perfect but I think is a must try.


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