Alphard – a great MPV that I ignored for years

I have been looking for a bigger MPV as I like to travel with my family as priority. Two months ago suddenly a friend introduced me a recond Alphard. I have sceptics always and worry about the maintenance for a reconditioned car. Until finally got a great opportunity. I have decided to get one for weekend use. The experience is brilliant.

One of the reason I would not buy a new Toyota Alphard in Malaysia is due to its price. The tax for such a practical car in the category of MPV is high. Buying a reconditioned Alphard without much knowledge in the car is a difficult decision too.

After 2 weeks of driving the car. I found the noise cancellation equipped is top though not as good as previous Lexus’ experience. But the comfortabilty and human factor designed are well designed. The model i got it is a Type Black model 2.5. The sound system is great but only to front and middle seats. Back seats will have a problem to rip the full experience. The seat system is designed for wrapping feel of your body. The ambient light also create an extra ordinary relaxation mode.

Take a side of the equipments as too many different options for different models. I particularly like this model as it comes with custome TRD racing design.


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