Black Shark 3 Review

I have only one word “Stunning”.

I have been a Samsung Note, Huawei, Apple, OPPO user lately. In summary all has their strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to an all balance phone for work, games, performance, camera, movie watching… Always there is something not enough.

I used to think handy, slim and powerful phone. But the fact is you cannot have the best of both world. Eventually I decided to try get a Black Shark 3 for during 7-7 sales from Lazada. I got a pretty good deal from it.

First, if to point something I don’t like. Perhaps will be the camera. I believe Black Shark could do a little more in just the light capturing. The phone will be almost brilliant. I just need a balance camera.

As for the performance, the phone did really well with only the 8GB Ram model running on DDR 4. But any model above all are DDR 5. So far in term of day to day Microsoft Office, Adobe, Web performance. I find almost zero lag. Holding the phone is good but not perfect.

As for entertainment use, when you switch on 90 Hz of refresh rate, swithing on DSP and you find an almost monster roar performance. But of course you drain a little more battery of the day.

I particular like the design in gaming as it is carefully planned while you are playing. What will be the one touch function can lead to shutting off disturbing message and control of all gaming features.

Of all, don’t you agree the best thing is the speaker of smart phone should be facing you instead of side? While you playing game, watching YouTube, Netflix and so on. Mic with background noise reduction is another detail of designing not just a phone but something very special with heart.

Into accessories, one thing I need to mention is the fun cooler. Amazingly icy cool within seconds and immediately can reduce the heat of the phone.

Needless to say. The price of the phone probably half or even one third of an IPhone, Samsung or even OPPO high end phone.

I seldom review a phone and I think this is one of the phone that kick me up to sky. If got money to spare is a must own!!


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