Kung Foo Rice Lager

It stated clean dry finishing lager. To the nose with common pale smell but rather refreshing. To the eye is light yellow with mid size bubbles.

Yes as stated but the citrus taste mild. To the mouth very cooling and refreshing but looks crispy however not. It did not left heavy but mild citrus taste.

Everything in moderation and I think is a good summer beer. If one that like mild in balance. This beer can be a good choice. Light Pale Ale with citrus taste. Looks like a blonde but taste like light IPA.


雪花 Snow Beer

To the eye, it is darker yellow gold. Less bubble. To the nose, it is also quite mild. To the taste, malty cooling but not crispy. Mild bitter and hoppy. After taste also very light. I can’t tell the feeling but a well balance of “Mild”. Perhaps a summer beer or even after a run or ride.

My experience in Astrazeneca Covid 19 vaccine in Malaysia

My Astrazeneca experience

Due to blood clot incidents, Astrazeneca was first unpopular when arrived in Malaysia. I taken the opportunity and able to book a place for the first day. Would like to share my experience in the case you would like to be vaccinated with Astrazeneca covid 19 vaccines instead of waiting for phase 3 that may only happen after June 21.  May even take long until end of the year.

The experience was great.  Don’t reach too only as there is a parking guide for you to reach only 15 mins before the appointment. A good one as it will help to ensure enough parking for you. 

Scan yourself when you reach the center. Then  get a number and wait for your turn to verify your IC.  Follow up with someone to verify your health conditions and also possible side effects with what tobdo next in 15 mins or 30 mins after the jab. If you are with health complication, you just need to wait for 15 mins if there is any allergy may occur right after the jab. Or you will need to wait for 30 mins for those who have certain health complications.  Following with a self monitoring of symptoms if serious side effects occur typically between 4th to 30 days. If you have symptoms like headache that can’t go away or like to vomit. Quickly go to any emergency of general hospital. If nothing happens, you are good to go for 2nd dose after 12 weeks.

The arrangement is systematic.  All officers and nurses are well trained and nice. Typically mine is one of the best nurse I ever seen. For some seniors which can walk well, it was given prioritised service. All people are well disciplined without cutting queue and so on. Overall, a thumbs up for the service.

Get yourself vaccinated, to protect yourself, your love one and also stop the virus mutation chances. You can do it!

Edifier TWS NB2 vs. Galaxy Buds Live compared

Purely from my personal experience to share view on these two headsets. As to price wise, Galaxy Buds Live is one fold on top of Edifier TWS NB2. In term of wearing comfort, Edifier is very easy to plug into my ear. However, Galaxy Buds Live has a unique design to hold on to my ear.

As to sound quality, I found Edifier has more bass but Galaxy Buds is much detailed. Galaxy has much options to tune the headset for different type of music or sounds.

My personal plus point is Edifier’s application feature on time to shut down. Particular useful while on bed about to sleep. You can turn on noise cancellation feature but cut off all by a preset time. It save at of battery power if this is your main purpose of hearing with the headset. Galaxy wear application may be also features rich but not too much relevant to me.

Overall, I like Edifier with the price advantage and the timer to shutdown the headset is a huge plus point for me.

Christmas lunch with Wong Mei Kee Roast Pork KL

A Christmas lunch with a suggestion by friends. The best roast pork in KL as some suggested. It also serves Hainanese chicken rice. I reached early and they are so popular that will run out of portion just after 2 hours.

Overall is original plain style roast pork. Skin is crispy, saltiness is well balance and the meat and fat are well balanced. However, dipping into the chili source with lemon will bring out the taste further. Dont over dose the chili source as quite spicy.

The chicken rice there i would rate ok or above average. But I would focus into their specialty more.

After taste, just my personal suggestion. Adding a Cha Wong which is a type of Oolong with crystal yellow and bitter taste added with crispy feel. Almost same as a wine after a dining. Adding a Japanese pear but must be crystal cold. Immediately you will feel even refreshing.

That’s a full balance of a vintage lunch of Malaysia.

Meng Kee Cha Siow Shah Alam

It has been a long favorite not because of the cha Siow but the Yun Cheong sausage is my favourite. Lunch time only and hard to find a parking. Go before or after lunch time.

The cha siow is a little over roasted may not good for health but I guess one in a while is OK. Just personal view. As for their chili source also has a good balance with the cha siow and sausage. Overall is good. Buy per person portion with rice is much better price.

Sek Yuen – Jalan Pudu vintage restaurant

Introduced by a friend and decided to pay them a visit. It can be easily found in Google map but the parking is a little challenging. Try to park behind. Both conventional and air conditioned. People serving including i believed is the owner very friendly. Good SOP in the restaurant during Covid 19 moment.

The best is their crispy roast duck called Pei Pa Duck. Some may find it salty but I like it pretty much. Another will be their pumpkin source home made tofu and it is smooth and aromatic with pumpkin taste.

The bitter guord fried beef with the exceptional balance to make the beef cook but easy and juicy in your mouth. Yam cake with mix vegetables is also home made. Overall is a good place with lots of variety and the price is reasonable too.

Lastly, their Chinese tea we ordered Iron lady a kind of oolong. Bitter but aroma with the colour of golden yellow. They even supply good tea as well. Though not perfect but I think is a must try.

Alphard – a great MPV that I ignored for years

I have been looking for a bigger MPV as I like to travel with my family as priority. Two months ago suddenly a friend introduced me a recond Alphard. I have sceptics always and worry about the maintenance for a reconditioned car. Until finally got a great opportunity. I have decided to get one for weekend use. The experience is brilliant.

One of the reason I would not buy a new Toyota Alphard in Malaysia is due to its price. The tax for such a practical car in the category of MPV is high. Buying a reconditioned Alphard without much knowledge in the car is a difficult decision too.

After 2 weeks of driving the car. I found the noise cancellation equipped is top though not as good as previous Lexus’ experience. But the comfortabilty and human factor designed are well designed. The model i got it is a Type Black model 2.5. The sound system is great but only to front and middle seats. Back seats will have a problem to rip the full experience. The seat system is designed for wrapping feel of your body. The ambient light also create an extra ordinary relaxation mode.

Take a side of the equipments as too many different options for different models. I particularly like this model as it comes with custome TRD racing design.

Chen Fatt Restaurant – year end tasting mission

Been sometimes suggested by a friend but not able to try due to pandemic of Covid 19. Today managed to visit the restaurant. Overall, the food is well balanced same to the price. But the exceptional point is the pineapple pork ribs. I like it more than its famous prawn cook in 2 styles. People are friendly. Overall a good place to try out different cooking.

Black Shark 3 Review

I have only one word “Stunning”.

I have been a Samsung Note, Huawei, Apple, OPPO user lately. In summary all has their strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to an all balance phone for work, games, performance, camera, movie watching… Always there is something not enough.

I used to think handy, slim and powerful phone. But the fact is you cannot have the best of both world. Eventually I decided to try get a Black Shark 3 for during 7-7 sales from Lazada. I got a pretty good deal from it.

First, if to point something I don’t like. Perhaps will be the camera. I believe Black Shark could do a little more in just the light capturing. The phone will be almost brilliant. I just need a balance camera.

As for the performance, the phone did really well with only the 8GB Ram model running on DDR 4. But any model above all are DDR 5. So far in term of day to day Microsoft Office, Adobe, Web performance. I find almost zero lag. Holding the phone is good but not perfect.

As for entertainment use, when you switch on 90 Hz of refresh rate, swithing on DSP and you find an almost monster roar performance. But of course you drain a little more battery of the day.

I particular like the design in gaming as it is carefully planned while you are playing. What will be the one touch function can lead to shutting off disturbing message and control of all gaming features.

Of all, don’t you agree the best thing is the speaker of smart phone should be facing you instead of side? While you playing game, watching YouTube, Netflix and so on. Mic with background noise reduction is another detail of designing not just a phone but something very special with heart.

Into accessories, one thing I need to mention is the fun cooler. Amazingly icy cool within seconds and immediately can reduce the heat of the phone.

Needless to say. The price of the phone probably half or even one third of an IPhone, Samsung or even OPPO high end phone.

I seldom review a phone and I think this is one of the phone that kick me up to sky. If got money to spare is a must own!!