Aftershokz headphone and Garmin Vivoactive HR

Upgrading tempo on cycling and swimming.  Vivoactive HR extend its capability to record cycling event to Garmin connect. There after synchronize to Strava.  It has a Cadense sensor connection capability.  Most important allow stroke count in a lap pool.  Not as stylish as S3 but have a different added functionalities as a multisport watch.  

On the other hand, music is especially important for me to increase my tempo while during endurance events.  Previous headset all drain off batteries in an hour.  New after shokz headset is well positioned to extend to endurance play to 3 hours.  But the most outstanding function is the music quality with your open ear to sensitively beware of other vehicles around while you are cycling or running.

A beautiful companion and I consider valued excellent investment for health.


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