MSI – new experience about true performance machines

After using laptop or notebook whatever you like to call it for the last 20 years. From business to personal use or sometimes casual gaming. It is a real stunner for me when i first experience MSI Gaming machine.

As a goal for my son for years for him to workout in term of reward and saving money for his own very first MSI. An Apache Pro which is the mid lower range of MSI range. As an IT professional, i can just comment that it has beautifully designed and built.

I have never encountered such a performance machine with boot speed in seconds even with ton of services to be loaded. High performance graphic. Very detailed designed until with utility software that allow you to tune the performance as to your need. Even the fan speed!

I particular like the keyboard wave led coloured design. Especially when during a tune down lightning atmosphere. 17″ but built with aluminum and able to be in 2 kg plus is just amazing.

I so like it until i get myself another machine but can only justify for my kind in term of ROI for lower end leopard. It has almost everything from Apache but without Dyno Audio and one step lowered graphic card. But it is already a high performance series and i believe the same specification cannot be obtained from a business machine with the same price.

I have gone through all ranges of MSI and i am convinced that if you need a performance machine no matter for gaming, design or business. MSI machines did offer value and performance concurrently.

At once i have lost my confidence on microsoft based powered machines. I am in position that Apple is the answer for the future. However, when windows 10 running on MSI. I have to reconsider my perspective again.


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