1st Road Bike experience – Giant TCR Advance 2

After years of riding foldies. A great chance that my new colleage is encouraging me to go for road bikes. Well 1st thing in my mind is after years of inflation. The bike should be around RM 500 to 1000. But then I only can confirm CPI forever won’t work. An entrance road bike that with Carbon frame starts 5 to 6K.  I guess I should invest in more bikes company’s shares back then. I should be shaking my legs to life in Hawaii! 

1st time riding Giant TCR Advance 2.  Full Carbon frame but I believe not the best grade with Shimano 105 chipset. Did I said it wrongly “Chipset” what’s up. I am a IT PRO anywhere so I use our own jargon.  Blue coloured and around 8.3kg after added in pedals and etc.

The speed is faster where I can ride 20KM in an hour compare to folding bike for just 10KM around an hour. (Please don’t complaint my speed!! As I am just intend to be fit!)  It is harder to ride I guess the wheel much bigger than folding bike.  

The riding position also not as easy as it is not upright but I believe a few more rounds may be helpful for me to adapt to the riding behaviour.  Learning lots from YouTube and kind of understand there are a lot of theories within. Ok….  no I can ride, swim and run.  That’s I suppose side style that I like most as I am a pretty outdoor person.

In summary, riding a road bike isn’t like last time when I rode to Uni campus during my studies in UK. Though weather is different as winter there can really frozen you. But the bike that I have during 1992. Also a road bike that only costed me 20 pounds. But I got no regret to invest into any machine for outdoor exercise as I believe it is always the best that bring me closer back to nature. Most important, keeping fit to walk more miles in my life!!


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