Lenova Yoga iBook 

The major challenge that I have is when I working with a notebook.  The viewing angle is always a challenge especially it is hard to find a consistent table that can be adjustable for comfortable view angle.

Finally, I found this iBook which is has a brilliant design called Yoga for this issue.  Turning the viewing angle close to 360°.  Just love it so much solving my biggest problem with also long sighted issue.

But that’s not the end. Haptic keyboard that can provide a typing experience though not accurate as the traditional keyboard.  With immediate switch to pen writing on screen for ideas. Same functionality like Samsung note but writing on pdf will require a small purchase from Microsoft store.  

Performance is just nice for a commercial executive and perhaps more than required. However, battery power is superb and can be all day long without worry.

Windows 10 version come without LTE vice versa it’s Android version did come with this option with no extra cost. 

Conclusion, highly recommended for those with my same challenges.


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