Samsung S3 finally hit the hot button

In the past week most of the major flagship stores of Samsung fully sold out. Even it’s accessories also being cleared in some shops.  Personally I need to try the 5th Samsung store only able to get a classic. Lucky it is the one that I would like to get for this round.

Taken a lot of my thoughts before deciding to upgrade from S2 to S3. The 1st major difference will be it’s dial. A massive 46mm that I personally preferred as more masculine.  However, S2 remained favourite if really into running as it is lighter and slimmer than S3.

S3 however now built in GPS on board where you may can workout without carrying the phone.  Picking up a call while I am holdings packets of grocery back from weekly shopping.  

IP68 with military grade protection suit my training from under the water to running, cycling and possibly rare extreme sports.  

Both Classic and rugged dial are now come with standard 22mm customizable strap. I like it very much as you can easily change the strap without using any tools at all.  Especially now it is possible to customize to a classic from sport for business meeting.

Longer battery life indeed I am a little in doubt as I tried barely 2 days with normal use. This is equivalent to the S2 and may be just 10 to 20% more for the S3.

If for those into Hiking, Barometer and altimeter are included in S3.  I am trying to discard 3rd party applications. But features that bundled together with the watch out of the box.

Switching between S2 and S3 is also a brilliant feature previously not available from Gear S to Gear S2.  Now whenever either is pair with the phone. So health will automatically switch to the right model.

Finally, voice recognition to create a reminder is very useful to me. Idea sometimes can be just a moment and gone from your mind.  If you can record down your idea or next tasks. It is a booming productivity practise. 


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