Bali – a place where people make a difference

It is my 1st time to Bali after years of friends recommendations.  Our first impression of the island is Mount Agung. Later we only told it is one of the active Volcano on th3 island.

We visited not in the best month as everyday is raining in the afternoon.  Our local tour guide suggested the best time will be in September.  Our planned date to visit Mount Batur hit with heavy rain and foggy.  Even we were so close yet visibly we cannot see anything at all from the view point.

On our way back we managed to visit a Luwak Coffee plantation. While rain was drizzling and with a cup of Luwak Coffee made up the day.

The local chili source are my favourite. I cannot stop having this as my companion in every of my dining during my stay.

As usual, I also tried a local Beer called Bintang.  Kind of surprise that the beer is a Hugh standard blonde.  Crispy, balance hoppy taste and aromatic after taste.  Not a best of the best but good enough as an easy to reach commercial Beer. 

After all, the best moment will be with my Twins, eldest son and wife at the beach. Yeah, it was our first time with the babies and eventually all got sun burn!  The 1 year old Twins are really enjoying nature.

The best experience of the whole visit came from the local people. They are always smiling, always welcome tourist to visit. Passionate and helpful.  I think so far one of the best place I believe I will resist again not because of the island. But it is the local people who make a big difference.


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