Karigane Green Tea with Electrical boiler

Testing electrical boiler for Chinese tea tasting. It has features include auto cut off, re-heating when temp drop below 70°. If water level is only 1/4 of the tea pot. The heating function will not kick start.


Going for the second time for Karigane. I have used water temp between 80-85°. With 1st brewing of 1min and 30 secs. 2nd brewing of 1 min and 3rd brewing of 1 min and 30 seconds. I believe I have a better result this time round.





The final product is a green tea that smell milky or close to soya too. Aroma start filling in my mouth when start drinking. Character is fresh, green and bold. After taste of the “Tea Chi” is strong and stay very long. Uniqueness to me is taste very greenish.


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