Tru Virtu – Sporting Aluminum Wallet

I added the word “Sporting” as think for myself if not sport activities I won’t consider it.

But from Sporting angle when I ride bicycle, motorbike cruising practise Tai Chi, swimming or adventurous activities. You will love this wallet.

Light weight with two compartments. One for cards, driving license, IC with up to 5-6 cards. Claimed to be anti RFID that block scanner over the air to steel you card info to forge fake card.


Another compartment come with a cash notes clip and some coins. But not really for a lot of notes or coins. Just sweet enough as your second wallet.


It is water resistant but not water proof. Imagine if you like sports and you will like a handy wallet just for the need when you need it. Oyster is one of the great companion of the sporting and sexy you.



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