Kooksoondang Makkoli Rice Wine


When I passing by a promotion counter. I heard a voice “want to try”. An old lady smiling and pour a small cup of this white thing for me. Then when I know is rice wine. For a local Malaysian Chinese, I always think rice wine is for Chinese prayer or when catching the ghost only will be used. Definitely not common for rice wine.

When I first try this rice wine. It is cold and she said it is advisable to drink cold to bring out the taste. First try, I have no words and immediately ask for second cup. Mild sweet but with a very nice aroma like from flowers. Smooth with 6% alcohol. A little warm when swallow plus a mild flower plus citrus taste left in the mouth. Immediately I bought 2 bottles back home.

Drink wisely for health benefits and don’t drink while you drive!


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