Chiang Mai Red Truck Ale

Kind of surprised that the hotel I staying is promoting local crafted beer. Out of a series of choices. I pick the most basic Chiang Mai Red Truck Ale. The first explanation from the bar is “You should already have this experience!” Ok that’s true as in the past few days red truck is ours major mover as it is cheap and easy to fit in 5 adults and 2 kids and strollers!!

The taste — crispy, slightly happy with citrus taste. After taste is feel matured taste that store in a cask for very long. One of the top beer I ever tried in my life. With the price selling in the hotel for Bath 220 is a “What!?” Price. This means I may can get it at Bath 100 our side the hotel. I think I need to plan my frequent visit to Chiang Mai.

I am giving a same level of Roger beer from W.A. These two beers are by far the best beer I ever had in my life.


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