Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik Ice in Frementle 

After walking around and found one of the exciting restaurant – Royal Malaysian Cuisine.  A first look that may be very authentic due to its halal sign. The people running the restaurant was good. Very polite and helpful.

As on the food, my first order a Teh Tarik Ice. Stunning taste with “Kurang Manis” can be comparable to those in Malaysia.  Perhaps I will rate it 110% as to normal standard.

However, as for the nasi lemak. My favourite being as a Malaysian.  Everything looks good except it is already localized for the local. Tasty but one major issue it is not spicy at all.  The peanuts are not those “goreng kacang” and with carrots!  That’s right sounds weird to a Malaysian. 

I told the highly rated staff there.  In fact, localisation may not be the good thing for nasi lemak. When we eat steak in Malaysia. We are also looking for authentic taste but not localized steak house.  Even local Aussie friends of mine staying in Perth also like to eat spicy.  Another great Malaysia restaurant in Blue Creek “Ah Wong” full of people due to its original recipe like in Malaysia. 

I will still go and try again other dishes and I am expecting much spicy, strong taste like those serve in Malaysia. 


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