Samsung Gear VR – my first virtual reality experience

After years of unjustified high price for such device. Finally Samsung has made it for the mass market with the price of RM 321 during promotion.

The build is much using plastic.  Interface to use it while your mobile is on it consider fine.  After used for more than 10 minutes.  The phone significantly getting hot especially on S6 compare to S7 Edge.

VR quality depending on the video or photo quality.  Uses Internet to access Facebook 360 photos, Vmeo and even some downloadable free photos and videos are good to have a feel about the meaning of VR.

Personally I feel that the quality is not satisfying with HD is preferred when using Gear VR.  I suggest you further put on a Bluetooth headset while watching movies or playing games.  Sound effect from your phone is definitely disappointing.

I particular like the 360 videos as it’s allow you to have the real feel of VR.  Even though quality is pretty much so so. However for the price of RM 321 during promotion is just amazing.

Overall a good piece of equipment to have a feel about VR.  Possibly years down the road.  VR will become a reality of all games and videos.  The best thing we like is the Cinema feel while watching videos.



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