Samsung Gear 2 vs New Gear S2

After 2 years of extensive use of Gear 2. New Gear S2 has launched and after skipping 1 version. Finally I have decided to have the Gear S2.  Partly also due to the problem of Gear 2 where the charging adaptor is not sensitive after 2 years.

Gear S2 actually changed this with an update of Magnetic charging dock.  I quite like it as I can just put it on the dock and come back in an hour time closely for a full charge.

However there is really a strong different between the 2.  Plenty of differences and I would just like to point the 3 most “Like” features


Gear 2
1. Camera
2. Clip Buckle
3. Better battery life (easily 2 days)

Whereas Gear S2
1. Lots of choice of watch face
2. More usable apps
3. Rotating Bezel

Overall a clear “yes” to upgrade for myself.  


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