Award winner – AYG Y50 Series Headphone

As my Jabra “Move” come to an early retirement.  I have been looking for a replacement for a on the ear headphone for sometimes.  My 1st criteria is wireless with more freedom while listening to music.

After weeks of searching around the market.  I finally decided a recommendation by award winner.  Well, you may bet this must be at crazy price.  However, if go by wired option, it is still under 80 dollar. I decided it is time for me to reconsider a wired option due to weak RM that caused a lot of things much expensive.

On ear for first time with Madonna’s Holiday.  Clean and heavy bass delivered by Y50 were my first shock.  But when i switched to Eric Clapton’s Wonderful tonight.   Clean mid range and vocal from Y50 are the critical feature of this headphone.  As most bass oriented headphones are hard to deliver a good treble and mid range details.

As of treble, playing Purple rain by Prince experienced 80% high pitches or electrical guitar.  Possibly that’s the set back of a bass oriented headphone on treble.  But for a headphones that under 80 dollar to me is great value and outperformed.

Y50 also terrific for Soul, Blues and Jazz music so which are at the lower tones of the band.  I like to get things from IT-Mart because you can still bargain with them for discount.

A great headphones for a busy life. Music is definitely part of a good lifestyle for anyone.  



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