Smoky Whisky as my final choice

After tried a numbers of whisky from Scotch, Japan, Taiwan to American.  I finally tasted Lagavulin 16 years and I immediately fall in love with it.  Possibly a single factor smoky!

I am not sure if I was a smoker before that influenced my taste.  I have stopped smoking for more than 4 years.  But Lagavulin given me that kind of feel that I would like to have a relationship with it for years to come.

I have done some searches and found that they are a few whisky fall into smoky category.  Namely  Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Caol ila, Talisker and Highland Park.  I will focus into smoky Whisky in months to come.

I also learnt that drying damp malt over a peat heated fire bring the smoke into the barley grain. From extremely smoke to smokeless peat heated drying method. It has embedded certain tabocca like favour into the whisky. Nice!



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