Footie @ Rottnest & Pinnalces

We have decided this time round go further away to reach places like Pinnacles and we also took a ferry to Rottnest island.  Along side with our drive approximately 200KM north of Perth.  There are not really highway but normal road to Pinnacles. 

The scenery is very much with natural forest and desert.  It looks like a cowboy town in US.  We saw many Harley riders on our way.  Rest and toilet is an issue as it is not easy to get one for the whole journey.  We stayed one night at Cervantes Pannacles motel. We have visited beaches near the motel before next morning we went straight to Pinnacles. 

Pinnacles is a lovely place where an estimated 500,000 years old natural creatures are exposed.  The mixture colour of scenery are unique as it combined blue sky and sea; yellowish and white deserts. Greenish forest surrounding the entire area.  It is one of the most beutiful place footie ever visited if nature is priority.


Footie also visited Rottnest island with an approximately 30 minutes ferry service from North quay of frementle.  The island is pretty isolated from pollution with only bikes and walking are allowed.  There are only bus services on the island that organized by the authority.

The island has a lot of beutiful bays that may capture different people attention according to their own taste.  We suggest walking is definitely not an option.  If you are planning to complete the whole island. There is a designated bus route will guide you to all the hot spots around the island. 

We did a day trip with time just enough to visit two bays that near Thompson bay.  The beach is with crystal clear water and the temperature is icy cold during Autumn.  The Lighthouse which is a signature of the island has a superb view of the natural beach, Perth city and also boats docking at the bays.




Footie took a stay at Adelaide terrace with a morning run.  We experienced one of the greatest run with a nice track that we believe is a must to share with all. 



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