Footie at Marina Bay Sand Infinite Pool

Footie reached Marina Bay Sand last week.  Recommended by many friends in Singapore that I must take a look at the infinity pool.  It is exclusive to the guest.  From tower 2 access via different lift 55 floors to 57 floors. 


The pool with a glass edge made unique design and feel.  It is like you are floating on the entire metropolitan sky.  To a certain extend it is quite a unique feelings that you should feel it if you are there.  However, it is definitely not for real swimming intention.  With tons of people packing the pool.  The most I expect to just swim horizontally for just 5 to 10 meters maximum.  However it is quite a comfortable thing to just relax lying on the chairs with a drink and just feel the wind.


Beside, I found that the gym managed by Banyan Tree is exceptional quality and luxurious.  I like the view when you are running or cycling.  A huge Singapore city night view is in front of you.  With decent gym machines and with a sauna after the gym.  It is as one of the highly recommended things to do at Marina Bay Hotel.



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