Footies reached Dubai, UAE


Voted one of the great city to visit in your life time. Initially I only expect 5 out of 10 due to the perception that it is a desert. Probably there are some tall buildings and man made marvels in the city. After the trip i re-rated it is 8 out of 10. A must visit city with a different culture that normally we expect from our travel.




The night view of Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa and water fountain are one of the greatest view of man made marvels. I enjoy particularly the sunset and the slow changing atmosphere to night view. If you can book a table and enjoy your dinner while waiting for the water fountain to start will be the greatest thing to do. But the price for all restaurants that have a great view is not cheap at all.





Dune bashing is another not to be miss activity while visiting Dubai. It is like riding an extreme roller coaster with a different feel of the atmosphere. The drivers are taking care of the passengers gentlely with unexpected sudden plunge stunt for you to experience.



We also taken advises tried out the water taxi crossing the Greek river from textile souk to spice souk. The water is blue and the scene is refreshing. We also saw many traditional business still using these water taxis to transport even color Tv and fridge and boarding the port.



Miracle garden is my choice but suggest only visit during the evening. So that the sun light won’t be too strong to reduce the colorful flowers display.




Atlantis at Palm is also a must to visit. Personally I don’t think the water park is a huge one. But the night scene and beach view of Atlantis are terrific scenes.



Belly dancing is an amazing show that I wouldn’t think the dancer need any abs exercise at all. Of course without a Camel will not make a desert trip to be completed.  I tried Camel milk but I think it was added with salt which I am not use to this kind of taste.  While at the beach of Atlantis, I spotted a bird with only one leg and come close to us for pop corn!  Beside of a little illegal feedings that I believed is understandable and forgivable.  I snapped this photo and will be one of my greatest asset in my photo library.

Lastly, we enjoy the heated pool at JW Marriot Dubai which is so enjoying with only salt added without Chorine.  With a winter sun bath in Dubai, made us a very unexpected but also unforgettable trip experience in 2014.




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