Sony a6000 upgrade for a better photography experience

I am a simple person and also use a smartphone to take photo for any events.  Years back I have invested in a digital compact camera – Sony Cyber shot.  It has given me a lot of surprising experiences that I wouldn’t know it can be done.

I believe the timing is right. That I should upgrade to a Pre-DSLR with more compact size but partial or DSLR  capability.  After much research for months.  I decided Sony a6000 together with a zoom and macro lens. 

I have started to learn the theory of composition, shutter speed, aperture, I SO,  white balance and so on.  I am continuous learning the shooting techniques that can maximise a6000.  One thing I love this camera is the speed with AF  upto 179.  This will enhance our future blogs photos and also given us a powerful tool for our multi dimensions research.



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