Vapur Anti-Bottles – a friend of active and green person

Ever think of need a bottle of water to bring with you on your way out? But what if you drink all the water? You got to carry it around is a little inconvenient especially you are going to meet someone for business. Or you are on your way out for a leisure shopping.

Vapur anti-bottle style – A flexible water bottle that can be folded when you finish drinking and put into the bag. When water is fully filled, it can be standing right on the ground. It is durable with an anti leaking durable supercap. Dishwasher compatible and possible withstand hot liquid.

So far the best stuff that can solve my inconvenience of carrying the bottle. Mean time, fulfill my healthy need to drink more water while working and exercising.

20140502-013040 am.jpg

20140502-013053 am.jpg


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