Revised Gear 2 has become my companion!

Many improvement from Gear and the trigger point of the purchase if for fitness training. I nearly bought a Nike version when I was in Japan but this Gear 2 has much to offered. I particular like the walking and cycling monitor. It helps to monitor both heart beat to ensure beat rate is not maximum with calories burner function.

It has a handy camera and also can be a small MP3 device while gym or training. Hooking up to a Bluetooth headset. It can dial a call, reply a msg with template or emotions. I have also tried its voice command where the voice is not as sexy as seri but pretty accurately captured my commands.

I like the function of the notifications. It really help me reduce the need to pull up my phone and just read short msg from the watch. I never wanted a watch for smart purpose beside of fitness. But not one stone kill two birds. Finally, it is pretty light weight. Loving it.

20140415-113758 pm.jpg

20140415-113823 pm.jpg

20140415-114201 pm.jpg


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