GoPro Hero 3 – great outdoor companion!

Many times when I ride bicycle or motorcycles. I would really like to share and keep the beautiful scenery alongside. I may swim in undersea or even great fun at pool. Normal camera is not fit to achieve this.

Finally, I got this GoPro that I considered for years. Finally got it and though there is a new version Hero 3+ launched. But I can’t wait to start record my activities!

GoPro Hero 3. Light weight, waterproof, wifi remote control by controller or iPhone and Android. HD video mode excellent in action and low light environment. Bursting shoot and video with photo shoot together. I think the differentiator is actually the mouthing accessories. You can mount on the bikes handle bar. Mounting on vented helmets, front helmets, chest, car, swimming stick, surf and ski board and etc. I did compare to Sony new action cam too with even got mounting on dog!

I am building my adventure tools and hopefully the time will come I can start a long term plan for this.



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