Footies reached Nippon

Taken this at Kyoto as our route this time from Tokyo, Hakone to Kyoto, then Osaka and Yokohama. Overall my impression to Japan is their culture and identity. The top things that amazed me is their cleanliness and respect to their own country.


A special place that mean a lot to me and inspired my scientific interest of my future. Eventually also becomes my career as well – Doraemon. As per the editor mentioned, the world deserve hope especially a kid. I do hope all he kids have their own doraemon grow with them from young.


If we still remember this! Probably the best thing that all doraemon fans like to have it when during exams.


The residential area of Japan is very clean. Although the houses are not very organized but the street is well arranged. Safe for pedestrian and bikers are well. A very nice example for us to learn to keep surrounding as this.


It is Christmas time! There you go another two great doraemon photos.



A few more great photos to share for a great destinations. ….







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