Foot Massage – Thai Odyssey Kota Damansara


Foot massage is one of my like as we have been asking too much from her service but we may not take care of her. It is also the second heart of human. Regular massage may bring good health and overcome problems of your body.

Personally tested a few different chains in KL even when I first started in JB Sentosa Garden. I like the Thai Odyssey outlet at Kota Damansara. I not sure why, even the procedure is different from other outlets. I like their staff, friendly and skillful. Environment is also very cosy and nice. Except the noise reduction from outside shopping mall not that good. So you may can hear invasion of mall’s music during the session.


Depending on your personal acceptance of pressure. Do let the staff know how much pressure to adjust until you are comfortable. It is unlike Chinese traditional foot massage that pain means something wrong and it is good to focus more on that area. Thai foot massage may be less focus in reflection but overall muscles and blood circulation. It does carry some reflection spots but not as complete as Chinese type. But overall, I do enjoy Thai Odyssey from foot to you shoulder, neck a d back before it finish its session. For a price of RM 60 per hour, I do think is value my money. Kah Kun Kap!


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