CO2 for a planted aquarium

After few months of angel fish dominated community, East Aqua adopted my angel fish and provide them a 5 foots aquarium space. They are happy there and I visited them few times. They also adopted my tiger fish in a very nice planted aquarium.

Understand my problem that I am very difficult to commit time for a weekly water change. I reckon that a planted aquarium will be my ultimate choice. Where plants are the key focus with small fish community to reduce maintenance. To reduce filter maintenance, I have upgraded to an external filter.


Also added another CO2 automatic release while lights switch on to allow photosynthesis.


I have added good bacteria and algae control into the tank. Also stop using salt and UV filter in order to create a more balance natural environment.

I have also added three CO2 required plants and it looks great now as natural relaxing feel planted aquarium.



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