Freedom of riding – KTM Duke 200


After 20 years since my last ride bike with clutch, i am a bit nervous few days back when I first collect it.  Slight off road but mostly on road street naked bike.  Surprisingly I can ride it well even first start of the engine but after a few minus my butt pain. May be i am not use to it after that long.

Duke 200 naked is a beautiful bike. I cannot remember how to review a bike as it is really too long. But I love how it’s body lining design and everything looks great except the exhaust is too small hiding below.  May be to complete it is with a Akaprovic performance part to boost its boldness.  

Very easy to ride and Informative from its digital display. Life nothing better by getting back experiences when it is a major transport for me to school, college and even work when just graduated.


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